Pilot car driver 'horrified' by bridge collapse

AP News
Posted: Jun 06, 2013 2:26 AM

SEATTLE (AP) — A pilot car driver who led a truck with an oversize load across an Interstate 5 bridge as a section of that bridge collapsed May 23 says she has cooperated in the investigation and did her job properly.

In a statement released Wednesday, Tammy DeTray of Olympia says she takes her job very seriously and "was horrified" by the collapse of a 160-foot bridge section.

Authorities have said the bridge segment crumbled when a girder was struck by the truck's cargo. The truck made it off the bridge but two vehicles went into the Skagit River and three people were rescued.

DeTray says she showed National Transportation Safety Board investigators that she had her indicator pole set to verify vertical clearance for the truck, in compliance with regulations for a pilot car. She says that pole did not touch the bridge. Had it done so, she says she would have warned the truck driver following her.

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An NTSB investigation continues.