Quotations of the day

AP News
Posted: Jun 03, 2013 3:01 AM

"It's something we've done countless times in the past and have done it successfully and safely. And, you know, whatever happened on this one, it's just horrible beyond words." — Tony Laubauch, who was working with Tim Samaras' chase team when Samaras and two other veteran storm chasers died while chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma.


"I've got nowhere to go, so I'm just waiting for them to open the roads again and let me back in. I didn't want to go to a shelter." — Mark Wadsworth, 64, after spending the day parked in his truck atop a ridge in southern California, watching plumes of smoke rise from the canyons below where his house was located.


"I have such respect for her. ...The fact that she would not be frightened of this, what she would have to go through to do this, to take this specter away from our family and ensure that she would be there longer for our family, and the kids ... I get very emotional about it." — Actor Brad Pitt on the decision his wife, actress Angelina Jolie, made to undergo a double mastectomy.