Quotations of the day

AP News
Posted: May 20, 2013 3:02 AM

"Tomorrow's commute will be extremely challenging. Residents should plan for a week's worth of disruptions."— Conn. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, saying the aftermath of Friday's commuter train collision will cause traffic problems in his state.


"The big question is, how do you know, when someone's pointing a gun at you, whether you should keep talking to them, or shoot? That's what makes the job of an officer amazingly difficult." — Michele Galietta, a professor of psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, on the police officer who accidentally killed a Long Island college student..


"If they restrict that apparatus ... the people of the United States will only know what the government wants them to know and that's not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment." — Gary Pruitt, president and chief executive officer of The Associated Press, saying the government has no business monitoring the AP's newsgathering activities.