Some have survived many days after calamities

AP News
Posted: May 10, 2013 3:04 PM

Reshma Begum's survival for 17 days without medical assistance in the collapsed eight-floor garment factory building in Bangladesh isn't the only remarkable story of perseverance in recent years:

— 69 days: A crew of 33 Chilean miners were pinned nearly a half-mile underground for more than two months. The men stretched an emergency food supply meant to last just 48 hours over 2 1/2 weeks, taking tiny sips of milk and bites of tuna fish every other day. After that, they received food and water threaded down to them through a tiny borehole.

— 27 days: Rice vender Evans Monsignac, 27, was found in a collapsed flea market nearly a month after a Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Countering speculation that he had access to food and clean water, he told a British newspaper that he survived by sipping sewage.

— 25 days: Three miners were found alive in July 2009 after being trapped in a flooded mine in southern China. The miners drank water that seeped through the earth, authorities said.

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— 16 days: Sales clerk Park Sung-Hyun, 19, survived under a collapsed shopping mall in 1995 in Seoul, South Korea.

— 15 days: Construction worker Ari Afrizal survived on a raft at sea after the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004.

— 15 days: A 32-year-old fisherman and his brother and niece were rescued from their dinghy after surviving on raw fish and a bottle of water when Hurricane Pauline hit Mexico in 1997.


Sources: The Associated Press, The Sunday Telegraph