FINALS WATCH: Sorry guys

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Posted: Apr 07, 2013 6:07 PM
FINALS WATCH: Sorry guys

ATLANTA (AP) — Future Louisville players aren't going to be too happy with Peyton Siva.

Cardinals coach Rick Pitino likes his players to limit their outside distractions, which is why he highly "encourages" them not to use social media sites like Twitter. But Instagram isn't really on Pitino's radar— at least, it wasn't before Sunday.

"I'm going to mess it up for the guys who are coming in," Siva said. "He doesn't really know anything about Instagram yet. That's why we get away with that."

Sure enough, if you check the Twitter feeds of the Louisville players, there's not much there. (Except for Kevin Ware, but he's a national celebrity now.) Instagram, however, is a different story, with many of the Cardinals posting dozens of pictures of themselves and their teammates.

"He can't tell me not to do it because I'm leaving tomorrow," said Siva, a senior. "So I'm good."

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