Questions linger in 1990 murder of rabbi in NYC

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Posted: Mar 22, 2013 2:22 AM
Questions linger in 1990 murder of rabbi in NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — A man imprisoned for the slaying of a rabbi has been released after prosecutors say their review of his murder case determined it was flawed. But 58-year-old David Ranta's liberty could mean the murder will never be solved.

At least one other potential suspect is dead, witnesses' memories have faded and there's an absence of police paperwork on the case. Authorities say any opportunity for a clear-cut resolution has slipped away.

On Feb. 8, 1990, a gunman botched an attempt to rob a diamond courier in Brooklyn. The courier escaped unharmed and approached the car of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger. He shot him in the forehead before pulling him out of the vehicle and driving away.

No physical evidence linked Ranta to the crime but a jury found him guilty anyway.