North Dakota energy workers find shelter in "man camps"

Reuters News
Posted: Mar 22, 2013 9:06 AM

Williston, North Dakota (Reuters) - North Dakota's booming oil business quickly ran up against a serious shortage - housing for the thousands of workers who poured into the state.

The solution: temporary housing complexes that resemble military barracks and come with rules that might make a drill sergeant smile.

Workers pay about $120 a night to stay at these so-called man camps. The amenities they get include a gym, sauna and 24-hour cafeteria. But the rules are strict, chief among them that no alcohol is allowed and don't even think about wearing your muddy work boots inside.

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Reuters correspondent Ernest Scheyder, as part of his month-long examination of the boom, toured one called Target Logistics Bear Paw Lodge in Williston, North Dakota, where nearly 500 residents live while they work in the oil fields.

(Reporting By Ernest Scheyder)