Timeline: Key moments in fatal Vegas confrontation

AP News
Posted: Mar 01, 2013 7:25 PM

Three people died and at least five were injured in a car-to-car shooting, collision and fiery explosion on the Las Vegas Strip early Feb. 21. A police report provides this chronology of the fatal confrontation, drawn from video, audio and witness accounts:

—1:30 a.m.: Ammar Harris arrives at Aria resort valet in black Range Rover, goes to Haze nightclub where Morocco-born rapper French Montana performs.

—3:58 a.m.: Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr. arrives at Aria valet in gray Maserati with passenger Freddy Walters. Both men go inside the casino, emerge at 4:03 a.m.

—4:11 a.m.: Harris exits the casino at valet entrance, walks to the Maserati, speaks with Cherry.

—4:13 a.m.: Cherry drives Maserati from valet area.

—4:14 a.m.: Taxi driver picks up two passengers at Aria.

—4:16 a.m.: Harris drives Range Rover from valet area with 3 female passengers, follows Maserati toward Las Vegas Boulevard. Taxi driver sees Harris in Range Rover shouting at Cherry in Maserati.

—4:17 a.m.: Range Rover wheels spin as vehicle turns onto Las Vegas Boulevard; Maserati accelerates to catch Range Rover.

—4:18 a.m.: Both vehicles stop at Bellagio resort entrance traffic signal, with Range Rover crowding Maserati's lane.

—4:19 a.m.: Light goes green, Range Rover pulls into path of Maserati. Maserati changes lanes, horn sounds, gunshot is heard.

Range Rover accelerates ahead of Maserati toward Flamingo Road. Maserati accelerates behind Range Rover. Nine seconds later, two gunshots are heard, then three more gunshots.

—4:19:19 a.m.: Maserati slams into taxi that explodes in flames with Michael Bolden and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund inside. Range Rover disappears up Las Vegas Boulevard. Four other vehicles crash and five people are reported injured, none seriously.

—4:47 a.m.: Cherry is pronounced dead at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.