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Posted: Feb 28, 2013 1:28 PM

Robei George, 7, sat on a pew at the Cathedral of Saint Mary just north of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. He had a black shirt with the words "Pope Benedict XVI" written in white. In his hand, he carried a photo of the pontiff taped to a ruler.

Fifteen minutes before the pope's resignation officially goes into effect, George will walk with a half dozen students to the front of the church. They will hold up his picture and read about his life.

"I'm nervous," George admitted.

He and other children here are disappointed the pope is resigning.

"I was in love with the pope," said Maria Quant, 13. "He taught me how to be holier."

After the readings, the students will say a prayer to guide the selection of a new pope and blow out a candle.

— Christine Armario — Twitter


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