Biden: Va. Tech showed background checks needed

AP News
Posted: Jan 25, 2013 3:17 PM
Biden: Va. Tech showed background checks needed

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden says the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting illustrates the importance of background checks for gun purchasers.

Biden noted Friday that the student who shot and killed 32 people on the Blacksburg campus shouldn't have been able to buy guns because of mental health issues.

Biden made the remarks after a roundtable discussion on gun control in Richmond.

President Barack Obama wants Congress to require background checks for all gun sales and ban both military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The president concedes passage will be difficult.

Virginia has an avidly pro-gun tradition, but lawmakers have been debating a bill to require that private sellers conduct criminal background checks on buyers at gun shows. The current law requires only dealers to conduct the checks.