PHOTOS: Hoffa mystery endures for decades

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Posted: Sep 28, 2012 8:43 AM
PHOTOS: Hoffa mystery endures for decades

Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance more than 30 years ago has been the stuff of urban legend, prompting numerous theories about what happened to the former Teamsters leader.

Now authorities are investigating a tip from a man who claims he saw a body buried behind home in the Detroit suburb of Roseville, Mich., about 35 years ago. The feisty Hoffa was last seen more than 30 miles away on July 30, 1975, outside a restaurant where he was supposed to meet with a New Jersey Teamsters boss and a Detroit Mafia captain.

Hoffa is presumed dead. His body has never been found — but not for a lack of trying.

Previous tips about Hoffa's remains have led police and the FBI to excavate land at a mid-Michigan horse farm, pull up floorboards of a Detroit house and search beneath a backyard pool.

Other theories have suggested the former union boss was entombed in concrete at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, ground up and thrown in a Florida swamp or obliterated in a mob-owned fat-rendering plant.

Officials plan to take soil samples from a driveway at the Roseville home on Friday to test them for human decomposition. Results aren't expected before next week.

Take a look through photos of Hoffa and the search for his remains over the last three decades.