Freeh report on Penn State amended with minor corrections

Reuters News
Posted: Jul 25, 2012 5:29 PM
Freeh report on Penn State amended with minor corrections

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former FBI chief Louis Freeh's report on Penn State University officials' handling of the child sex abuse scandal involving former football coach Jerry Sandusky has been updated with minor corrections since its release on July 12.

The most important changes clarify two descriptions of an email between former university vice president Gary C. Schultz and former Penn State outside legal counsel Wendell Courtney concerning Sandusky, according to updates released on the report's website.

The initial report said Courtney was not aware of a police investigation into a 1998 incident involving Sandusky with a boy. The new version, changed on July 23, says Courtney said he was not aware of the 1998 incident.

Schultz has been charged with perjury and failure to report the Sandusky abuse to authorities. The change in the report is not likely to affect those proceedings because they are mostly centered around incidents beginning in 2001.

The other changes are minor. Two that were made on July 20 simply fix one line of text each from the 267-page document, one correcting the spelling of "Council" to "Counsel," and the other clarifying a sentence describing when lawyer Wendell Courtney was legal counsel for the Second Mile charity.

Two other changes made on July 14, correct an error in a heading, changing the date former athletic director Timothy Curley met with Sandusky from 1998 to 2001. This does not change the report, as the surrounding text focuses solely on the 2001 incidents.

"Given all the major decisions and actions being taken and lives, legacies and reputations being impacted based on the conclusions reached in the Freeh Report, it's disconcerting that any substantial factual inaccuracies exist in the report," Schultz' lawyer Tom Farrell said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

(Reporting By Joseph O'Leary; Editing by Greg McCune; Desking by Jackie Frank)