Reactions to the 64th annual Emmy nominations

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Posted: Jul 19, 2012 3:22 PM
Reactions to the 64th annual Emmy nominations

Reactions to the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards nominations announced Thursday in Los Angeles:

"I think I'll set a trend here and we'll see a lot of people wearing pajamas next year." — Jimmy Kimmel, who wore pajamas to announce the Emmy nominations live on TV and whose show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" was nominated for outstanding variety program.

"Popsicles after school. I'll go pick up my husband. He's got the day off. It's really hot here, so we'll go to this really great ice cream, Popsicle shop. That will be my celebration. I'll toast the Emmy nomination with a chocolate Popsicle. I know it doesn't sound great, but they're amazing. There's another one that's a peanut butter pecan Popsicle."— Nicole Kidman, nominated for her starring role in the TV movie "Hemingway & Gellhorn," speaking from Nashville, Tenn., on how she plans to celebrate.

"I have had the shriekiest morning of my life. I literally feel like I got asked to the prom and engaged and told I was going to the moon all in one day. Not to be too dramatic." — Lena Dunham, nominated for writing, directing and starring in the comedy "Girls."

"It's insane. I can't believe it. And we're the show that's been there, too. That's weird, too. I can't believe we are on the air." — "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner on the show's 17 nominations.

"I was a little nervous, and then I walked past my phone this morning and noticed it blinking. I had a text from Julie Bowen that said 'wowie,' so I thought it can't be that bad. We're at least at a 'wowie'-level of excitement here. ... If you put a numerical value on that, a 'wow' would be an eight or a nine, and 'wowie' is probably in the teens." — "Modern Family" executive producer Christopher Lloyd on the show's 14 nominations.

"We're going to have a really glamorous life. Our buses are going to link up in the parking lot and that's where we'll be." — Kevin Costner, who is on tour with his band in Oklahoma, on how he plans to celebrate his Emmy nod for his starring role in "Hatfields & McCoys."

"My daughter heads out to camp tomorrow, so there's going to be a lot of packing involved. We have to get up early and get to the airport. That's what my day will be. I'm sure I will be talking to a lot of people. I just got a text from Kevin Costner, and me and Mare (Winningham) just traded an email. It'll be nice to talk to people. These things are acknowledgments and for the actor, an opportunity to get another job maybe." — Bill Paxton, nominated for his lead role alongside Costner in "Hatfields & McCoys."

"I was pretending to sleep. It wasn't going very well. I instructed everyone to not call me because I didn't want any condolence calls. I didn't want to pick them up thinking it was an exciting call, only to find out — waah, waah — it didn't happen. Then, my manager called me, and I screamed a lot. A lot. With great excitement." — Sarah Paulson, nominated for her supporting role in the TV movie "Game Change."

"I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep and feeling foolish for not being able to. I'm lying there thinking it feels so good to get nominated, I'm hoping this isn't the year it all ends. You never know. Is this the year we're gonna get shut out? A little bit of hope can drive you crazy. It never gets old. You never get tired of waking up to news like this." — Vince Gilligan, executive producer of "Breaking Bad," on the show's 13 nominations.

"I'm in Hawaii right now, and I woke up in the middle of the night, just because I always wake up in the middle of the night, and I looked at my iPhone and saw we were nominated for eight Emmys, and I was able to go right back to sleep." — Brian Grazer, nominated for producing the 84th annual Academy Awards.

"Right now I just have mimosas sort of swimming around in front of my eyes but I haven't actually managed to get a hold of one, so I think I need to go and put that right, and maybe a little champagne brunch. I have my family with me and my two small children, so as long as I can drink alcohol and keep them alive for the remainder of the day, that will be a job well done." — Damian Lewis, nominated for his lead role on "Homeland."

"Even the thought of that makes me nervous." — Loretta Devine, nominated for her guest-starring role on "Grey's Anatomy," on what she might wear to the ceremony.

"I really am flying. I know there are a lot of wonderful and profound actors out there who really do focus on their work so I know how special this moment is for me because I've seen them, I've watched them, I respect them and they all walk through it, they put their heart and soul into everything that they do and so I look at them and I am really, really honored to be regarded in the same vein because that's how I work. I'm on cloud nine." — Giancarlo Esposito, nominated for his supporting role on "Breaking Bad."

"I'm so excited to have been nominated for an Emmy, especially for '30 Rock,' which is an incredible show, and also for playing a deranged and deceased world dictator who has divided the small country of my origin in two. That's the best part. I think that's what I'd call Iron Curtain irony." — Margaret Cho, nominated for her guest-starring role as Kim Jong-il.