Texas man accused of trying to blow up pipeline

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Posted: Jun 22, 2012 6:23 PM
Texas man accused of trying to blow up pipeline

HOUSTON (AP) — A man accused of trying to blow up a natural gas pipeline in a Dallas suburb has lashed out against the government in YouTube and Facebook postings and is wanted for a probation violation in California on a concealed weapons conviction.

Federal prosecutors have charged Anson Chi with possessing an explosive device, after authorities say he detonated a bomb at a natural gas regulator station in the Dallas suburb of Plano late Sunday. Chi was critically injured in the blast, which caused minimal damage to the station.

Katherine Chaumont, a spokeswoman for the FBI, which is leading the investigation, declined to comment Friday. Chaumont would not say if Chi is still hospitalized.

Online court records didn't list an attorney for Chi, 32. A woman who answered the phone Friday at the Plano home where Chi lived hung up without commenting.

Police responding to 911 calls from residents about the explosion found Chi injured near the station, and he claimed he had been jogging and was hit by a car, said Plano police spokesman Officer David Tilley.

"The injuries he suffered were not consistent with being struck by a car," Tilley said. "When an explosive device goes off in front of your face, it's going to create some serious injuries."

The explosion only caused minor damage to the regulator station and natural gas pipelines, he said.

After the explosion, authorities went to Chi's home at least twice this week and removed various items. Authorities would not comment on what was taken.

Chi has been lashing out for years online against what he sees as governmental oppression. His Facebook page includes postings in which he criticizes the Federal Reserve, calling it a private bank.

"What does this mean? It means your life is under control by greedy private bankers, especially since they print YOUR money based on nothing but thin air! Slavery never ended....," he wrote.

He included among his interests "Truthmongering" and "Guns_the bigger, the better!"

In a video posted on YouTube in 2007, Chi criticizes the country's tax system, asking to be shown a law that requires Americans to pay an income tax.

"So until I see that law, this is what I am going to do," Chi said as he then ripped up a 1040 tax form. "I will not file nor will I pay a single penny in income tax until I see the law. So let's all stand together and fight the inequities of our government, as well as their corruption and exploitation of our rights and civil liberties."

Orange County, Calif., court records show that Chi pleaded guilty in 2008 to a concealed weapons charge and was given three years of probation. But the probation was revoked in 2009 and he was listed as a fugitive.

Chi claims on a personal website to have received a business degree in 2000 from the University of Texas at Dallas. He says he worked in various jobs until 2006, including system engineer. Chi listed his educational experience under the category "Miseducation" and his work experience under "Paid Slavery."

Chi, who is of Asian descent, posted a link on his site to a downloadable novel he wrote titled, "Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside: Asian Culture Revealed."

In the novel, which Chi said was partly autobiographical, the main character contends that the governmental, employment and monetary systems are "controlled by banks using the power of money."

Chi also had a pending charge in Collin County, north of Dallas, for failing to identify himself as a fugitive. His first court appearance in that case had been set for this coming Monday.