Vt. to save historic bridge with unusual project

AP News
Posted: Jun 10, 2012 7:20 PM
Vt. to save historic bridge with unusual project

A historic but narrow Vermont bridge is going to be updated with a technique that seems like something only a superhero could accomplish: Engineers will cut the 350-foot bridge in two lengthwise, push the sides apart, widen them and put it back together.

The project is expected to cost more than double a new bridge across the Winooski River in Richmond, but officials say it's worth the cost to preserve the historic look.

The Pennsylvania truss bridge was built in 1929. Such bridges are marked by crisscrossing I-beams that form a latticework that creates a steel canopy above the road surface.

The separating, winching and refastening is only supposed to take a day, but it will be a year before traffic is rolling again on the bridge.