Recalls this week: Log splitters, activity center

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Posted: Jun 01, 2012 3:58 PM
Recalls this week: Log splitters, activity center

Products being recalled this week include hydraulic log splitters with a piece that can break off while in use and hurt someone. There also are a children's activity center with knobs that pose a choking hazard and a bit for horses that can break and cause a rider to lose control of the animal, resulting in falls and injuries.

Here's a closer look:


DETAILS: Crary Industries Inc.'s ECHO Bear Cat brand hydraulic log splitter with model numbers LS27270 and LS27270T, and with a date code of 012908 stamped on the hydraulic cylinder. The model number is printed on the main beam of the log splitters. The date code is stamped on the hydraulic cylinder near the capped end.

WHY: The end cap of the hydraulic cylinder can break away from the body of the log splitter, posing an impact hazard to the user or bystander.

INCIDENTS: Three reports of the hydraulic cylinder cap detaching, resulting in one injury.

HOW MANY: About 120.

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DETAILS: Imaginarium 5-sided activity center with two triangle-shaped ends including a wooden multicolored xylophone and a mirror. The three sides are square-shaped and include moveable block letters, rotating gears, and sliding shapes. The model number is 46284 and is printed on the back of the product box.

WHY: The small wooden knobs attaching the xylophone keys to the end can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

INCIDENTS: Eight reports of the knobs detaching, but no reported injuries.

HOW MANY: About 24,000.

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DETAILS: Happy Mouth wire bits used with a bridle in horseback riding sold from July 2003 through April 2012. The bits have steel braided wire running through the plastic mouthpiece and most have a metal ring on each end. The model numbers are 462172SS, 462177SS, 462181SS, 462184SS, 464123SS, 466898SS, 466904SS, and 467248SS. The model numbers can be found on a label attached to the product.

WHY: The steel braided wire in the mouthpiece that connects the bit on either side of the horse's cheeks can become frayed, rusted or worn, which can cause the bit to break. If this happens, the rider can lose control and fall from the horse.

INCIDENTS: Four reports of wire bits breaking and resulting in injuries, including broken and fractured bones.

HOW MANY: About 3,400.

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DETAILS: Black & Decker Spacemaker designed to mount under a cabinet. The 12-cup coffee pots are glass with a molded handle the same color as the machine and a silver metallic bracket running around the glass near the bottom. The products were sold between July 2008 and May 2012 and the model numbers include SDC740, SDC740B, SDC740BR, SDC740C, SDC740DIS, SDC740R, SDC750, SDC750C, and SDC750DIS.

WHY: The coffee pot handle can break, causing cuts and burns.

INCIDENTS: 1,276 reports of handles breaking, including 68 reports of burns and cuts.

HOW MANY: About 159,000.

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