Ohio Amish hair attack suspect loses bond appeal

AP News
Posted: May 23, 2012 6:03 PM
Ohio Amish hair attack suspect loses bond appeal

A suspect in beard- and hair-cutting attacks against fellow Amish in eastern Ohio has lost an appeal for pretrial release from jail.

A federal judge in Cleveland ruled Wednesday in the case of Lester Mullet. A defense lawyer said last month being locked up pending trial was a hardship for Mullet's pregnant wife.

Mullet, his father and 14 other members of their family or community near Steubenville are accused of orchestrating attacks last fall on other Amish in a church feud.

Cutting a man's beard or a woman's hair is considered highly offensive to the Amish.

Prosecutors opposed Mullet's release on bond, saying he "joyfully" participated in the attacks and said he would do it again.

Mullet's father is accused of being the ringleader. All 16 have pleaded not guilty.