How the Supreme Court justices came to America

Reuters News
Posted: Apr 24, 2012 5:33 PM
How the Supreme Court justices came to America

(Reuters) - On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will close out the 2011-2012 term with another controversial case: Arizona v. United States, which challenges Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The case will be heard by nine justices, each of whom has his or her own immigration story. There is geographic reach -- from the British Isles to Russia to Puerto Rico -- and also generational, with some members of the bench tracing their roots to pre-Revolutionary times.

In his confirmation hearing, Justice Samuel Alito referred to his own father's experience. It "is typical of a lot of Americans both back in his day and today. And it is a story, as far as I can see it, about the opportunities that our country offers, and also about the need for fairness and about hard work and perseverance and the power of a small good deed."

For an interactive graphic relaying each justice's tale, click here:

(Reporting by Terry Baynes; Editing by Eileen Daspin)