Both sides rest in butler's Conn. extortion trial

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Posted: Mar 21, 2012 3:34 PM
Both sides rest in butler's Conn. extortion trial

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have rested their cases in the trial of a former butler charged with trying to extort millions of dollars from philanthropist Anne H. Bass during a 2007 Connecticut home invasion.

The Hartford Courant reports prosecutors rested Wednesday in the trial of Emanuel Nicolescu (nik-oh-LES'-kyoo). His attorney, who did not call any witnesses, says he did not participate in the crime.

Bass testified Tuesday she was certain she would die during the crime.

Authorities say three men broke into the house on April 15, 2007, injected Bass and a guest with what they claimed was a deadly virus and refused to provide an antidote unless they turned over $8.5 million. The substance turned out to be harmless.