Mother of Lisa Irwin tearfully denies role in her disappearance

Reuters News
Posted: Feb 03, 2012 8:23 PM

By Kevin Murphy

KANSAS CITY, Mo (Reuters) - The mother of missing infant Lisa Irwin on Friday tearfully denounced "insane theories" she had something to do with the girl's disappearance four months ago.

In an appearance with TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, Deborah Bradley said she is convinced Lisa was kidnapped but will be found safe.

Bradley appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show with Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, breaking the couple's nearly three months of silence in the case.

"Enough is enough," Bradley said of the speculation that she knows what happened to Lisa.

"My daughter is missing. She is OK somewhere because nobody kidnaps a 10-month-old beautiful little girl to harm her. She is out there somewhere and I am desperate to find her. I just want my daughter home."

Bradley and Irwin reported Lisa missing from her crib at about 4 a.m. October 4. Irwin had returned home from work and Bradley was asleep, with the lights on, front door open and the baby's room window ajar, he has said. Bradley said she got drunk earlier and went to bed.

Police interviewed the couple for hours after Lisa's disappearance but then said the couple stopped cooperating. Police did meet with the parents on Thursday "but did not learn anything significant," said Kansas City Police Sgt. Stacey Graves.

A few days after Lisa's disappearance, Bradley said that police told her she failed a lie detector test. But her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said on "Dr. Phil" on Friday that he has confirmed she did not fail the test.

Graves would not comment on any test results.

(Editing by James B. Kelleher and Tim Gaynor)