Judge who jailed dying NY woman OKs hospice care

AP News
Posted: Jan 10, 2012 5:10 PM
Judge who jailed dying NY woman OKs hospice care

A New York woman who lost her chance for a life-saving heart transplant by continuing to commit crimes and being jailed is being permitted to spend her dying days in hospice care.

A Nassau County District Court judge ruled Tuesday that 48-year-old Diane McCloud can be released from jail. McCloud's lawyer told the judge she has only weeks to live. A physician confirmed that's the case.

The judge had freed McCloud last January so she could apply for a transplant waiting list while receiving government aid unavailable to inmates. But McCloud was arrested again after shoplifting at three drugstores and pleaded guilty to petty larceny.

The judge resentenced her to the 15 months he had forgiven and added a year for the new charges.

Attorney Leonard Isaacs says McCloud is no longer transplant eligible.