From the streets: Russian voices on the election

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Posted: Dec 04, 2011 11:53 AM
From the streets: Russian voices on the election

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Following are comments from Russians across the world's biggest country as they voted in Sunday's parliamentary election.

Valentina, 73, pensioner, Moscow:

"I voted for United Russia ... Why? I don't really know. We are already used to Putin and Medvedev."

Pyotr, 20, journalism student, Moscow:

Voted for liberal Yabloko party because he wants "real qualitative reforms. They are a real alternative, so they are more interesting. Although we don't agree with all of their programme, of all the candidates they are the closest to us." .

Yekaterina Makarova, 24, event manager, Yekaterinburg:

"It is time for something to change so I am going to vote for (Vladimir Zhirinovsky's nationalist party) LDPR. So far this seems to be the only party that can resist United Russia."

Rasul Usmanov, 56, Grozny:

"I have never voted before, but today I did it to please (Chechen leader) Ramzan (Kadyrov). I voted for United Russia as I know he is in this party, and our future president Putin is in this party."

Zoya Makhutina, late 60s, pensioner, Moscow:

"I voted for socialism as I am against capitalism. I like that the Just Russia party wants to raise the income tax for the rich."

Artyom, 22, public relations manager, Moscow:

"I voted for Just Russia. First of all, they will win seats, and second, they are not United Russia."

Natalia, 50, tailor, St Petersburg:

"I decided to vote for (Grigory Yavlinsky's liberal party) Yabloko. I know that they won't get any seats, but I won't vote for the others, it makes no sense."

Nikolai, 69, pensioner, Moscow:

"I voted for the Communists for the first time. I am fed up of this mess, this wild capitalism."

Marina, 32, Grozny:

"I did not go vote because I am not participating in this circus. Such open hypocrisy has never been so blatant."

Nikolai, 33, customs officer, Vladivostok:

"I support United Russia. I like Putin. He is the strong leader we need in our country."

Alexander Rybchenko, 52, taxi driver, Yekaterinburg:

"I don't know whom to vote for, there are no solid people or parties ... They are all swindlers, they all lie, I am not going to the elections, it's just a farce."

Vladimir, 34, welder, Moscow:

"I am voting for (LDPR leader Vladimir) Zhirinovsky. I've voted for him all my life ... Nothing will change without him."

(Compiled by Reuters reporters across Russia)