U.S. coal consumption fell 1 percent last week: Genscape

Reuters News
Posted: Dec 02, 2011 9:33 AM

Dec 2, HOUSTON - U.S. coal consumption fell 1 percentlast week and was down 15 percent from the same week a year ago,according to power industry data monitor Genscape. Coal use swings up and down seasonally, and varies from weekto week and region to region, depending on electricity demand torun air-conditioners or power heaters. Economic activity also is a factor. Coal plants produce slightly less than 50 percent of U.S.electricity. Power generation accounts for more than 90 percentof U.S. coal consumption. Genscape's regional indexes are calculated separately fromthe national index and do not always add up to the separatelycalculated U.S. total. Following is a table on coal consumption, in million tons. THROUGH Dec 1 48th WEEK of YEAR PCT PCT REGION THIS WEEK LAST WEEK YR-AGO CHNG WK CHNG YRNational 16.27 16.36 19.04 -1 -15East 13.67 13.84 16.32 -1 -16West 2.48 2.43 2.57 +2 -4