Occupy Philly: Eviction won't weaken our activism

AP News
Posted: Dec 02, 2011 4:20 PM
Occupy Philly: Eviction won't weaken our activism

Occupy Philadelphia protesters say their movement isn't over despite their eviction from the City Hall plaza where they had been encamped since early October.

Gwen Snyder, one of the group's leaders, said Friday they plan to march to Independence Hall on Saturday. They have not decided whether to apply for another permit in Philadelphia.

Protesters say their effort to combat what they call corporate greed didn't end with this week's eviction.

They also object to the city's claims the eviction and subsequent arrests were done in a peaceful and orderly fashion. Protester Vanessa Maria Graber (GRAY'-buhr) says she was injured when a police horse stepped on her foot.

Police Lt. Raymond Evers says internal affairs is investigating what happened to Graber, but adds that arrested protesters received a warning first.