'Occupy the Highway' marchers reach DC

AP News
Posted: Nov 22, 2011 2:56 PM
'Occupy the Highway' marchers reach DC

The Occupy Wall Street protesters who left New York two weeks ago for a 240-mile march to Washington have arrived in the nation's capital.

Marchers have dealt with blisters, bad weather, and roads and bridges unfriendly to pedestrians. One man even made the entire journey without shoes.

About two dozen people left from New York's Zuccoti Park on Nov. 9, and the march, known as "Occupy the Highway," now includes about 40 people. Not all the original marchers made the entire journey, but the march picked up new people along the way.

Participants say the march was successful because they were able to bring the Occupy Wall Street movement to rural communities that previously had little exposure to the protests.

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