Bear injures hunter in Grand Teton National Park

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 31, 2011 3:59 PM

By Ruffin Prevost

CODY, Wyo (Reuters) - A Wyoming hunter was injured on Sunday in an attack by a bear in Grand Teton National Park, officials said.

National Park Service officials said the 32-year-old Jackson man was hunting elk along the Snake River when he spotted the bear and dropped to the ground, covering his head.

The man, whose name has not been released, did not shoot at the bear and had not yet killed an elk. He was carrying bear repellant spray and followed recommended protocols for hunting in bear country, officials said.

Authorities are investigating the incident, but had not yet determined the bear's species. They have not released details of the hunter's injuries. He was transported to St. John's Medical Center in Jackson for treatment.

Though hunting is typically prohibited in national parks, a limited special hunt to reduce elk numbers is underway in Grand Teton.

Although attacks by bears are uncommon, and fatalities exceptionally rare, two hikers were killed this summer by grizzly bears in separate incidents in Yellowstone National Park.

There have been six reported bear attacks in the history of Grand Teton, and none were fatal, according to park officials.

(Editing by Jerry Norton)