Latest developments in the global Occupy protests

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Posted: Oct 23, 2011 9:18 PM
Latest developments in the global Occupy protests

Some of the latest developments in the Occupy protests taking place in cities across the world:


Demonstrators in the Occupy Chicago movement stood their ground in a downtown park in noisy but peaceful defiance of police orders to clear out, prompting 130 arrests early Sunday, authorities said. Occupy Chicago spokesman Joshua Kaunert vowed after the arrests that protests would continue in the Midwest city.

"We're not going anywhere. There are still plenty of us," Kaunert told The Associated Press after the arrests, which took police more than an hour to complete.

Police began taking people into custody just before 1 a.m. Sunday. Those arrested were led in groups to vans and two large white buses as others clamored to be arrested. Kaunert said none of those arrested had resisted.


Philadelphia police have arrested more than a dozen protesters who camped out in the middle of the street across from police headquarters overnight. Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn says a group had marched Saturday from the Occupy Philadelphia encampment outside City Hall to police headquarters to protest alleged police brutality across the nation.

Protesters say the group gathered on the sidewalk across the street, and after several hours police closed the road and asked them to move. Police say about 20 to 30 people moved into the middle of the blocked-off street and remained there until about noon Sunday, ignoring requests to disperse. Blackburn said police then arrested 15 people on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a highway.


Occupy Wall Street protesters have merged with environmental groups to rally outside a Miami convention. Police estimate nearly 100 protesters were outside the Society of Environmental Journalists Convention on Saturday.

Nathan Pim is part of Occupy Miami, but he told The Miami Herald ( he's a proponent for environmental issues and the idea of unifying the two groups made sense. During the rally a group of musicians played bongos and tambourines sparking an impromptu sing-along.

Farther north, Orlando police arrested 19 Occupy protesters for trespassing in a city park after hours on Saturday.


Police say 11 Occupy Cincinnati protesters were arrested early Sunday after refusing to leave a downtown square. Capt. Doug Wiesman tells The Associated Press those arrested remained in Fountain Square after the 3 a.m. closing time.

Occupy Cincinnati spokeswoman Kristin Brand says demonstrators were at the justice center Sunday afternoon to greet the released protesters.

Sunday's action came after 23 protesters camping after closing hours at a nearby park were arrested last week. Brand calls the spate of recent arrests an escalation by police, but says the protesters will now move to the sidewalks after the park closes to avoid any further arrests.