Dog picked up scent of body in missing baby's home: police

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 21, 2011 5:53 PM
Dog picked up scent of body in missing baby's home: police

By Kevin Murphy

KANSAS CITY, Mo (Reuters) - An FBI cadaver dog picked up the scent of a deceased person in the bedroom of Deborah Bradley, mother of missing 11-month old Lisa Irwin, court documents filed on Friday show.

Evidence that a dead body may have been in the room was used by police to get a warrant to search the house where Irwin was last seen. Bradley said she put Lisa to bed the evening of October 3 and the baby gone early the next morning.

The cadaver dog searched the house on Monday, with the consent of Irwin's parents.

"The cadaver dog indicated a positive 'hit' for the scent of a deceased human being in an area of the floor of Bradley's bedroom near the bed," a Kansas City police detective said in an affidavit seeking the search warrant.

Bradley has said police accused her of killing Lisa and that she failed a lie-detector test question about her daughter's whereabouts. But she and Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, said they had nothing to do with the baby's disappearance.

Irwin said he discovered Lisa missing, the front door open, the lights on and her bedroom window unlocked when he got home from work about 4 a.m. on October 4. Bradley has admitted that she was drunk on wine the evening of October 3.

Police and FBI agents searched the Irwin home for about 16 hours on Wednesday, removing bags of items and a roll of carpeting, among other things.

In a document filed after the search, police said they took into evidence a comforter, purple shorts, a Disney character shirt, glow worm toy, a blanket, rolls of tape and a tape dispenser.

The affidavit to get the search warrant said police have still not found three cell phones Bradley said disappeared along with Lisa. They did find a phone in the drawer at the computer desk.

The affidavit said Bradley told police she did not initially look for Lisa behind the house because "she was afraid of what she might find." The police wanted to search the property around the home, including a garden area that looked to have been disturbed, the affidavit said.

(Editing by Greg McCune)