Factbox: Ohio farm owner had exotic, dangerous menagerie

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 4:38 PM

(Reuters) - Here is a list of the wild animals officials say Terry Thompson, 61, released from his private preserve this week before he committed suicide.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 48 of the animals had been killed and buried on the farm, six had been recaptured and two remained missing, officials said.

18 Bengal tigers Dead

9 male lions Dead

8 female lions Dead

6 black bears Dead

3 mountain lions Dead

2 grizzly bears Dead

1 baboon Dead

1 wolf Dead

1 grizzly bear Recaptured

3 leopards Recaptured

2 monkeys Recaptured

1 macaque monkey Missing

1 gray wolf Missing

(Reporting by Andrew Stern; Editing by James Kelleher and Jerry Norton)