Knocking anthropology? Gov's daughter has degree

AP News
Posted: Oct 12, 2011 5:47 PM
Knocking anthropology? Gov's daughter has degree

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott singled out anthropology degrees as job market losers, maybe he had some inside knowledge. It turns out his daughter, Jordan Kandah, has an anthropology degree from Virginia's College of William & Mary.

Commenting this week about the need to steer students toward degrees with better job prospects, Scott said, "You want to use your tax dollars to educate more people who can't get jobs in anthropology?"

Kandah did not go to work in the field of anthropology. She was a special education teacher before enrolling recently in a Masters of Business Administration program.

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Scott spokesman Brian Burgess said Wednesday the governor wasn't knocking anthropologists, just making the point that there's a high demand for graduates with engineering, mathematics, science and technology degrees.