The nation's weather

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Posted: Oct 03, 2011 11:44 AM
The nation's weather

Below-average temperatures and rainy weather will continue from parts of the central Appalachians through the Northeast on Monday as low pressure moves slowly through the Mid-Atlantic.

Wrap-around winds will spread moisture throughout these regions, triggering increased cloud cover and scattered showers. Precipitation in the already saturated areas of New England may raise flood concerns through the day. Showery weather in these areas should lighten up as the system exits the Mid-Atlantic coast on Tuesday.

In the West, a strong storm off the Pacific Northwest Coast will bring plenty of wet weather to the West Coast during the next couple of days. A strong associated front will move into the Pacific Northwest on Monday with showers and periods of heavy rainfall.

Considerable moisture and energy will spread southward into northern California, triggering showers from the northern California coast down to parts of the Bay Area. This activity will spread farther into central and southern California by Tuesday. Meanwhile, moisture over the Four Corners may trigger a few mountain showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon.

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Elsewhere, outside of a few showers near the southern Florida coast, warm and dry weather will continue over much of the Southeast and the nation's mid-section because of high pressure. Temperatures in the lower 48 states on Sunday ranged from a morning low of 24 degrees at Volk, Wis., to a high of 99 degrees at Palm Springs, Calif.