Scores of Wis. school unions to try to recertify

AP News
Posted: Sep 30, 2011 9:08 PM
Scores of Wis. school unions to try to recertify

More than 200 school unions in Wisconsin have met the deadline to seek recertification, but it's unclear how many let it pass and gave up the little bargaining powers they had left under a contentious new law.

The law backed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker strips public unions of their ability to negotiate anything except wage increases, which are limited to the cost of living.

Unions without existing contracts must hold recertification elections to determine if they can formally represent members in those negotiations.

Friday was the deadline for school employee unions to tell the state they wanted an election. About 212 met the deadline. But Wisconsin has 425 school districts and each could potentially have multiple union chapters.

The law makes recertification difficult and expensive with little formal benefit.