Engineer: Monument rappel inspection a career high

AP News
Posted: Sep 29, 2011 8:42 AM
Engineer: Monument rappel inspection a career high

An engineer who is part of team inspecting the exterior of the Washington Monument says the job is a highlight of her career.

Emma Cardini, who is 32 and from Melrose, Mass., said Thursday that she got the opportunity to learn how to climb up and down buildings several years ago and loves it. Cardini says being up-close to the building is the best way to conduct an inspection.

Cardini is part of a four-member "difficult access team" that began inspecting the 555-foot monument on Wednesday for damage caused by last month's 5.8-magnitude earthquake. The team is carrying items such as a digital camera, an iPad, masonry tools and a soft mallet for audio testing.

Cardini says the team has seen some open mortar joints and cracks.