US adds Belize, El Salvador to drugs list

AP News
Posted: Sep 15, 2011 4:59 PM
US adds Belize, El Salvador to drugs list

The Obama administration has added Belize and El Salvador to the U.S. list of "major" drug producing and transit countries.

The annual list identifies countries playing a role in the drug trade that "significantly affect the United States."

Twenty-two nations were included, including mainstays such as Colombia and Mexico.

But only three countries were found to have "failed demonstrably" on their counterdrug obligations last year: Bolivia, Burma and Venezuela.

These countries can face U.S. sanctions as a result. President Barack Obama has waived possible sanctions for Bolivia and Venezuela so the U.S. can support programs helping their people.

The president is required to notify Congress each year of the major drug producing and transit nations. The inclusion of Belize and El Salvador reflects increasing drug trafficking through Central America.