Report: Vegas teen says devil told him to kill

AP News
Posted: Aug 01, 2011 5:03 PM
Report: Vegas teen says devil told him to kill

A Las Vegas teenager told police he killed his jail cellmate in a bloody assault because the devil told him only one of them could live, according to an arrest report obtained Monday.

The admission was the second time that Carl Guilford, 18, said the devil drove him to kill, police said. When he was arrested in May, he told police, that devils encouraged him to kill a 6-year-old relative.

Guilford was being held at a jail early Friday morning when he stabbed and choked Francesco Sanfilippo, 39, authorities said.

Guilford had undergone a psychiatric evaluation after he was arrested in May and was deemed safe, police said. He was scheduled to return to court Tuesday for a competency hearing.

Public defender Norm Reed said he will ask the court to ensure that Guilford receives medical attention. "'The devil made him do it,' is basically the story behind it," Reed told The Associated Press on Monday. "Suffice to say, Carl is suffering from delusions."

Reed said Guilford does not appear to understand the seriousness of the allegations. "I don't believe Carl is competent to stand trial, so I don't know how the jail could have determined that he is not mentally ill," Reed said.

Corrections officers were conducting routine bed checks Friday morning when they noticed a body covered by a white sheet on the floor of a two-person cell. Blood was splattered across the floor and walls, and trickled into the hallway.

Sanfilippo, who was being held on charges of possessing child pornography, was found with cuts on his neck and arms, and the coroner's office said he died of blunt force injuries to his head and abdomen.

Police officials previously said Guilford stabbed Sanfilippo to death with a pencil.

Corrections officers doing the cell check found Guilford sitting on his bed near the body with a "blank stare" on his face, according to the arrest report. Guilford told detectives Sanfilippo grabbed Guilford's buttocks and said, "I'm going to take that."

Guilford said he responded by pushing and choking Sanfilippo, the arrest report stated.

Guilford later changed his story, telling detectives he attacked his cellmate because "the devil told him that he needed to kill Sanfilippo or he would make him kill himself," according to the report.

Guilford said his cellmate was sitting in a chair at a desk when the attack began but he couldn't remember what happened after he choked Sanfilippo, according to the report.

Guilford was in jail on murder charges after he confessed to killing cousin, Christopher Montgomery, according to an arrest report.

Family members, including Guilford's mother, told police Guilford was troubled and regularly spoke of spirits. Guilford told investigators he heard devils tell him "well done" after he suffocated Montgomery with a blanket inside their shared bedroom.

The death of Sanfilippo marked the first time an inmate has been killed at the Clark County jail since 1979.