Corbett drilling panel recommends fee on industry

AP News
Posted: Jul 15, 2011 3:27 PM
Corbett drilling panel recommends fee on industry

Gov. Tom Corbett's advisory panel on the rapidly growing Marcellus Shale drilling industry supports making the companies help the government pay for the damage drilling has on roads, the environment and more.

The 30-member Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission voted Friday to recommend a fee, but only after environmental advocates successfully pushed to include restoring public lands and resources.

Business representatives and advocates for counties and municipalities had tried initially to limit the extent of the recommendation to repairing the industry's proven impact in drilling areas.

The recommendation does not suggest how much companies should pay, or who would impose the fee.

Corbett barred the panel from recommending a tax, which he opposes, although every other major drilling state imposes one.