Brass knuckles imprint clue in Wash. beating

AP News
Posted: Jul 13, 2011 10:33 AM
Brass knuckles imprint clue in Wash. beating

Police say an engraving on a set of brass knuckles could be a key piece of evidence in a beating case in Washington state.

Longview police say 22-year-old Jarad Alan Varner used the knuckles to beat a man in a tavern parking lot in March. The word "fame" is engraved in Varner's brass knuckles.

Police say the victim suffered cuts and a broken cheekbone, and the outline of the letter "A" was visible on his cheek. Investigators say the "A" matches Varner's "fame" engraving.

The Daily News reports Cowlitz County prosecutors issued a summons Tuesday for the 22-year-old Castle Rock man to appear in court to face an assault charge.