America's most endangered historic places named

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Posted: Jun 15, 2011 5:41 PM
America's most endangered historic places named

Endangered sites listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation:

_ China Alley, Hanford, Calif. This 19th century Chinatown is almost untouched by time, but some of its buildings and artifacts are in dire disrepair. The buildings are vulnerable to alterations, as there is no historic preservation staff or commission to enforce preservation protections.

_ Prentice Women's Hospital, Chicago. The cloverleaf-shaped hospital building is perhaps the list's most endangered site. Northwestern University has said it plans to raze the building to build a new facility, but preservationists argue it's a prime candidate for reuse.

_ John Coltrane's house, Long Island, N.Y. The house where Coltrane wrote "A Love Supreme" has deteriorated due to a lack of funds. A local group hopes to restore the site as an education center but needs additional support.

_ Pillsbury A Mill, Minneapolis. This plant that was once the world's largest, most advanced flour mill now stands vacant and is in danger of piecemeal development. It's a National Historic Landmark.

_ Bear Butte, Meade County, S.D. This 4,426-foot mountain is sacred ground for many Native American tribes but is threatened by proposed wind and oil energy development.

_ Belmead-on-the-James, Powhatan County, Va. This little-known landmark of African-American heritage was once a slave plantation that was transformed into schools for black and Native American students. The buildings closed in the 1970s and now need emergency repairs.

_ Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Ala. This fortress that played a pivotal role in the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay is threatened as the shoreline erodes as much as 50 feet a year.

_ Greater Chaco Landscape, N.M. The site includes hundreds of Native American archaeological and cultural sites across 1,000 miles but is in jeopardy due to increased oil and gas exploration.

_ Isaac Manchester Farm, Avella, Pa. Coal mining threatens this colonial-era farm that has been home to eight generations of one family.

_ National Soldiers Home Historic District, Milwaukee. Deferred maintenance has left some historic buildings on this campus on in danger of collapse.

_ Charleston, S.C. The entire city has been put on watch status. The National Trust says expanding cruise ship tourism could harm the city's historic character.

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