'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch quits amid allegations

AP News
Posted: May 13, 2011 10:01 AM
'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch quits amid allegations

Self-described 'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch says she's closing her California law firm of 20 years and surrendering her law license amid allegations of wrongdoing that she denies.

Deutch gained a measure of fame nationally on late-night television commercials.

The Sacramento Bee reports her firm is about $10 million in debt and she's personally $5 million in the hole.

Deutch ran into legal problems last year when then-Attorney General Jerry Brown sued her on grounds she cheated clients out of $34 million.

A Sacramento judge froze her assets for destroying millions of pages of documents and failing to pay about $435,000 in refunds.

Deutch faces hundreds of counts of contempt and possible jail time. A hearing on the contempt of court allegations is scheduled for July 22.