The nation's weather

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Posted: May 12, 2011 4:57 AM
The nation's weather

The strong, spring storm system that brought severe weather activity to the Plains on Wednesday will trigger more rain, storms and severe weather near the Mississippi River Valley on Thursday.

Warm, moist air ahead of this system will lead to increased atmospheric instability in the Central U.S. Bands of significant precipitation and intense thunderstorms are expected to develop from Iowa through southern Texas through the afternoon. Storms in these states will have the potential to turn severe with large hail, damaging winds, frequent lightning and tornadoes. In addition to severe weather development, heavy rain in the Mississippi River Valley will likely lead to more flooding along the river which is already past flood stage in many locations. Residents in the aforementioned regions, especially near the Mississippi River, are encouraged to monitor their local weather activity and heed weather warnings and advisories.

Elsewhere in the nation, light showers and thunderstorms will be possible near a frontal boundary that will become nearly stationary from Michigan and Ohio through Georgia. In the West, a cold front will move through the Northwest with light rain showers and isolated thunderstorms. Additional cloud cover and a few light showers may reach into northern California.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Wednesday ranged from a morning low of 21 degrees at Stanley, Idaho, to a high of 96 degrees at Douglas, Ga.