The nation's weather

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Posted: May 11, 2011 4:40 AM
The nation's weather

Severe weather will break out throughout the southern and central Plains on Wednesday as a low pressure center and cold front push through the region.

Ahead of the front, plenty of warm, moist air will be in place, leading to a large level of instability in the atmosphere. When the front pushes through this unstable air, intense thunderstorms will develop with the possibility of large hail, strong winds, frequent lightning and tornadoes. While a massive tornado outbreak like the ones over the past few weeks is very unlikely, multiple tornadoes are anticipated throughout the southern and central Plains, especially in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Strong thunderstorms are also likely in the Great Lakes region, but the intensity level will be less than in the Plains as conditions are not as favorable for the development of the more damaging aspects of thunderstorms.

In the East, pleasant weather will continue south of New England as warm temperatures and clear skies remain in place. New England will continue to see cloudy weather with some drizzle as a storm off the coast remains stationary.

The West Coast will see precipitation arrive in the Northwest as a cold front ahead of a late season winter storm moves ashore. This front will push through Washington and Oregon, eventually moving into California in the night. South of the front, conditions should remain pleasant.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Tuesday ranged from a morning low of 21 degrees at Wolf Creek Pass, Colo., to a high of 101 degrees at Laredo, Texas.