Efforts to curtail private-sector unions faltering

AP News
Posted: May 09, 2011 2:20 PM
Efforts to curtail private-sector unions faltering

Republican lawmakers in more than one-quarter of the states this year launched an ambitious attempt to break up union-only shops in private-sector workplaces.

But their efforts have largely faltered _ in part because of opposition from fellow Republicans concerned about jeopardizing other aspects of their pro-business agenda.

Of the 14 states where "right-to-work" bills barring mandatory union fees were considered, only New Hampshire has passed the legislation _ and it is uncertain whether Republican lawmakers can overcome an expected veto by the Democratic governor.

In Indiana, Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels implored GOP lawmakers to back off over fears that the anti-union measure would derail his agenda. Some Republicans also have balked at "right-to-work" bills in Maine and Missouri.