Neighbor: Slaying suspect said she was pregnant

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Posted: Apr 15, 2011 8:05 PM
Neighbor: Slaying suspect said she was pregnant

A woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and then showing up at a hospital with the pregnant woman's infant had said she was expecting a child of her own, a neighbor said Friday.

The baby boy was brought to a Bowling Green hospital earlier this week by Kathy Michelle Coy, 33, who has been charged with murder in the death of 21-year-old Jamie Stice. She is being held without bond.

Stice was due to give birth to a son next month, but her body was found Wednesday in a wooded area in Warren County by police. A coroner's report on Friday said Stice died of "multiple homicidal sharp force injuries." Officials have declined to say how the baby survived the attack or if the baby was removed from Stice's body.

Coy had told family and friends she was expecting a child, and she had posted an ultrasound picture online and recently bought baby items, said Darla Mueller, Coy's neighbor in Butler County.

"She had kids and led everyone to believe that she was going to have a baby," Mueller said. Mueller said Coy's husband also believed she was pregnant.

Coy was at Mueller's house on Saturday and bought baby bedding and bumper pads, Mueller said. She said Coy had once inquired about Mueller's daughter, who had a baby in November. Coy asked if her daughter wanted to keep the child, Mueller said.

"I brushed that off as a joke," she said. "I couldn't see why if she was already telling everybody `I'm so far along pregnant' she was offering to take somebody else's baby."

Police were called to the hospital where the baby was brought on a report of a "suspicious birth" involving Coy.

Kentucky state police trooper Jonathan Biven said police interviewed Coy at the hospital after her arrival. That information led police to a wooded area in Warren County where they found Stice's body, Biven said. Coy was charged early Thursday morning. Her public defender did not return a telephone message.

Stice's mother, Jeannie Stice, told the Daily News of Bowling Green that Coy and Stice began chatting online about three weeks ago. Jeannie Stice said Coy told her that she worked for a company that could help Stice get baby items for the child.

Jeannie Stice told the newspaper that Coy took her Wednesday morning to sign up for disability benefits, leaving Jamie Stice alone in the home. Coy dropped Jeannie Stice off and told her she was going to take Jamie to buy baby clothes and would return later to pick her up. But Coy never returned, and when Jeannie Stice made it home, she said her daughter was gone.

A reporter visited an address listed for Jeannie Stice at a mobile home park but was told the woman no longer lived there.

James Reynolds, the baby's father, told WTVF-TV in Nashville, Tenn., he had met Coy and that she was trying to help out with baby stuff.

He described her as "evil is all I can say. And psychotic."

Reynolds said he loved Stice, whom he described as "beautiful, great personality, happy go lucky."

The saddest part is that Stice "will never be able to hold him or touch him or even see him," he said.

Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron said he may pursue the death penalty against Coy. Cohron said police investigators are scheduled to testify about the slaying at a preliminary hearing on Tuesday in Bowling Green.

Friends of Stice have organized a memorial baby shower Saturday for Stice's infant, according to a page dedicated to the event on Facebook.

"You never would have thought this would happen," said Chastity Wingate, who is organizing the shower. She said the baby's name is Isaiah. Wingate said Stice had chosen Saturday to have her shower, and Wingate decided after her death that she should expand the event in an attempt to bring in money and gifts for the baby.

"He's going to need everything we can give him," she said.