Weird and wacky: Inventors show devices in Geneva

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Posted: Apr 06, 2011 7:11 AM
Weird and wacky: Inventors show devices in Geneva

Inventors from 45 countries are laying out their weird and wacky wares at the world's biggest inventions fair in Geneva this week.

Creations include intelligent footwear and a kangaroo tail for humans.

Peyman Sarhadi of Iran says his "smart boot" uses sensors to collect data such as the wearer's pulse and temperature and send them to base camp. He says the boot can also measure radiation levels and is already being tested by Iran's army.

Italian Emanuele Lopopolo hopes his portable backrest will catch investors' eyes. It allows the wearer to take a break from standing by leaning back onto a retractable pole.

Other designs include a mouthwash dispensing toothbrush, a braille photocopier, a foldable tandem and a vertical garden.

The fair opened Wednesday and runs until April 10.