Judge allows suspect's statement in 5 NJ killings

AP News
Posted: Apr 01, 2011 5:14 PM
Judge allows suspect's statement in 5 NJ killings

A New Jersey judge has ruled that incriminating statements made by a suspect in the 1978 deaths of five teens can be used against him.

Philander Hampton's attorney had sought to have his client's 2008 statement thrown out for Miranda right violations. But state Superior Court Judge Patricia Costello ruled Friday that the statements are admissible.

Prosecutors say Hampton described the crime and even took a detective to where it occurred.

Hampton and his cousin, Lee Evans, were charged a year ago with the murders. Hampton is being held on bail and could go to trial in May. Evans was released on bail last summer.

Authorities say the men rounded up the Newark teens, locked them in an abandoned building and burned it down in retribution for stolen drugs.