The nation's weather

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Posted: Mar 29, 2011 4:37 AM
The nation's weather

The Central U.S. will see another rainy day as a low pressure system and associated cold front sweep through the Plains.

The system that brought heavy snow to the Rockies continues making its way off the mountains and pulls in abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This system will run into a cold front that slowly moves southward through the Gulf of Mexico. But as the low overruns the front in the Southeast, it will strengthen into a strong warm front. By the afternoon and evening hours, this system will have sufficient energy to kick up widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which may turn severe over the Lower Mississippi River Valley. Rainfall totals are expected to be around 1 inch, up to 2 inches in area of thunderstorm development. While the South remains hot and humid with highs in the 80s, cool conditions will persist in the North. A ridge of high pressure dominates over the Great Lakes as well as the Northeast and New England. This will allow for high temperatures to remain nearly 20 degrees below seasonal, with highs in the 30s and 40s.

Out West, more sunny weather is anticipated as a ridge of high pressure builds over the Southwest and stretches across California and Nevada. A trough of low pressure sweeps through the Pacific Northwest, triggering scattered rain showers with high elevation snow across the Cascades. A cold front extending southward will kick up a few showers across northern California.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Monday ranged from a morning low of -13 degrees at Tomahawk, Wis., to a high of 88 degrees at Pecos, Texas.