Indiana House Democrats returning to state, ending stand-off

Reuters News
Posted: Mar 28, 2011 2:11 PM
Indiana House Democrats returning to state, ending stand-off

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - Indiana House Democrats are returning to the state on Monday after a month-long stand-off, according to House Republican leader Brian Bosma.

Most of the state's House Democrats left the state for Illinois February 22, to delay votes on bills they said were anti-worker and anti-public school.

Bosma said changes were made to two bills the Democrats had opposed, but he did not consider the changes "substantive."

A spokesman for the Democrats confirmed they were returning and said a statement on the decision would be issued.

Bosma said he would be buying pizzas and salads for house members Monday evening while they worked on legislative business.

The Indiana walk-out followed similar action by Wisconsin state senators to oppose a bill that would limit collective bargaining. A version of that bill was passed in the senators' absence.

(Reporting by Susan Guyett; Writing by Mary Wisniewski; Editing by Jerry Norton)