Instant View: Reaction to U.N. council vote on Libya

Reuters News
Posted: Mar 22, 2011 12:31 PM
Instant View: Reaction to U.N. council vote on Libya

LONDON (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council voted on Thursday to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya and "all necessary measures" -- code for military action -- to protect civilians against leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

Below is some immediate reaction:


CONSULTANCY AKE "We don't think they have the capability to impose a no-fly zone over the whole country immediately, although they could try to impose one over Benghazi and maybe also Tripoli. The U.N. resolution will probably come as a morale boost to the defenders of Benghazi. Gaddafi's air strikes haven't been terribly militarily effective but they have been damaging morale. Gaddafi will still likely try to advance on Benghazi.

"In terms of retaliation, what could Gaddafi retaliate against? He probably won't want to retaliate against oil facilities or oil companies because he would be hurting himself. If there is military intervention, it may be difficult to evacuate those foreigners still in Tripoli who are mainly media.

"The longer any conflict goes on, the more difficult it will be. Foreign military action in a Muslim country is always going to be difficult. It's very difficult to predict what will happen next."