NATO boosts Libya surveillance flights to 24/7

AP News
Posted: Mar 07, 2011 1:33 PM
NATO boosts Libya surveillance flights to 24/7

A senior U.S. official says NATO has decided to boost flights of surveillance planes over Libya as the alliance debates the utility of imposing a "no-fly zone" over the country.

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder (Ee'-voh DOLL-durr) says allies agreed on Monday to increase AWACs flights from 10 to 24 hours a day. The expansion is part of contingency planning for possible military intervention in Libya beyond humanitarian efforts.

The decision came as the alliance's governing board met to discuss what unique capabilities NATO could bring to Libya.

Daalder said other ideas being considered are retasking NATO vessels in the Mediterranean Sea along with nearby air assets to deal with humanitarian aid and establishing a command and control structure to coordinate relief efforts.