Massachusetts teachers must give back $1.2M

AP News
Posted: Mar 03, 2011 9:26 AM
Massachusetts teachers must give back $1.2M

More than 1,400 public school teachers in Springfield, Mass., have been overpaid by a combined $1.2 million since the beginning of the school year and will have to pay the money back.

Superintendent Alan Ingram said Wednesday the "unacceptable" error lies with the system's payroll department and he will discuss repayment plans that are "humane and appropriate" at Thursday's school committee meeting.

He says teachers who were eligible for a pay increase under a new contract were inadvertently given an additional step raise. The district has about 2,500 teachers.

Teachers union President Timothy Collins says he checked with the Massachusetts Teachers Association legal division, which confirmed that teachers must repay the money. Some may owe more than $1,000.

A school committee member has requested a state audit of department payroll records.